An interesting music lesson

A lesson on prac I enjoyed watching was a specialist teachers music lesson.  The students watched a story being read on the IWB while the teacher had to give a couple of students a catch up test outside the class.  The students discussed this story when the teacher returned and went on to writing music notes in their books. For this the teacher used the IWB to demonstrate music notes and moved them around the screen as required. This was a great visual way for students to see where each note was placed.  They then made trains and moved around to music and were given instruments to play while in a circle. Within this hour lesson so much happened and there were many multiple intelligence areas covered – audio, visual, kinaesthetic and musical. To add extra ICT to this lesson virtual instruments could have also been included. This is a website has virtual instruments which students could play – of course they wouldn’t replace the real thing but I thought they would be a great way to introduce different instruments and sounds.

To blog or not to blog?

The question was asked by Corinne on a Facebook study site – who will continue to blog when this subject is over?  I think there were a few groans, from me in particular as studying over Xmas has taken its toll and I haven’t had a decent break for a year.  The thought of more time spent staring at this screen is too painful to imagine.

So I googled ‘why people blog’ and found many answers – religious reasons, social connections, personal journals, business expertise… the list goes on.

The reasons most people blog it seems is to give themselves a voice.  A blog is a tool which can do this.

Well.. I have liked having a voice and I also have enjoyed other’s voices through blogging so after my break I might just find I will continue to blog. You never know? After all there is something to be said for the difference in wanting to and having to be a blogger.