Are blogs dangerous?

This week at work we were visited by our curriculum advisor and as I have been wondering about setting up a blog for our kindergarten class  I asked her if there were many kindergartens who had implemented one.  She explained although there has been a few recent debates upon the subject at this stage we are not allowed. I say at this stage as I am sure once the idea becomes a norm they will lose their caution. I have found an inspiring article here called ‘Social media in Education”  which highlights the reasons one kindergarten is finding this successful.

One point which stands out on the benefits of a blog is obvious but to facilitate communication with parents.  People lead busy lives and this provides a tool for parents to sit down with their child for a few minutes and capture the snap shots of the child’s day (minus the child in the photos of course).  As well as keeping parents informed this sparks conversations on the child’s day and as a parent we all know the child’s usual answer to what happened at kindy/school is ‘nothing’. Blogging gives children a voice and an audience to share their voice.

There are of course risks that come with blogging and I have found one site called ‘The dangers in blogging’ which if one day we get green light to go ahead I will be sure to take note of the advice given here.

5 thoughts on “Are blogs dangerous?

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  3. I Love the articles you have posted Karen 🙂

    It is so true how blogs can be useful if used appropriately, but at the same time can also be dangerous if used inappropriately. The areas discussed in ‘The Dangers of Blogging’ article are always in the back of my mind. Sometimes I have to re-look at my social media and re-evaluate whether I am using it in a safe manner.

    I guess this would be something we would have to continually teach to children, when engaging with social media 🙂

    Nice blog! 😀


    • Hi Sarah,
      Thanks for your comments. It is really hard to teach children about social media when we are all still learning ourselves, isn’t it and new social medias appear so quickly. The ability to stop and evaluate as you say will hopefully become second nature to this generation 🙂

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