To steal or not to steal?

As I was making a bit of headway on my first assignment I read the news on study desk informing us we cannot use images from places such as Google Images without permission.  This was greatly upsetting as I had searched for hours and found some excellent images without realising this.

As I looked through the Creative common pictures which were very limited I wondered what could possibly happen if I used these images?

So I asked trusty Google and the first answer I was directed to was with a blog regarding a case of an 11 year old boy who took a picture of salami without permisson for his blog.  Shortly afterward EDUBLOGS received a lengthy case and desist letter from a law company representing the photo of the salami photo.

Bloggers have replied to this blog with a few other options which are worth reading about and investigating.

One tip which I will look into is using advanced google to search and select images which are approved by the artist.  Another option is to credit the author and source to the photo.  Both are looking a much better option than being sued so I will give them a try.



4 thoughts on “To steal or not to steal?

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  2. Hi Karen,

    Great post. I am glad we were alerted to this prior to submission. Your suggestions of an advanced search and referencing appropriately are both very valid.

    It makes me think though – why hasn’t this been bought up before in previous courses, especially during those which require the application of ICT tools to present learning.


    Mrs Frintzilas

  3. Hi Kelly,
    I wondered that also – do you think it is because we are putting our link on Edublogs which makes it so public? Before with assignments I guess they are only submitted to the uni and no one else sees them?

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